Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a very serious condition that reduces the ability of the kidneys to filter blood and can lead to permanent organ damage. If kidneys do not function as they should, toxic waste and extra fluid can accumulate in the body and, in turn, may lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and even death.

Because of the prevalence of heart disease and kidney disease in Eastern Kentucky, patients in this region are urged to pay close attention to their health and communicate with their Primary Care Provider (PCP) about their kidney health. Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) Nephrologists, Dr. Kannan and Dr. Syeda, along with their team, are dedicated to offering comprehensive kidney care for patients under their care.

“Kidney disease is a silent killer, as those in early stages of CKD may show little to no symptoms. The symptoms may not become apparent until the patient has reached end-stage CKD,” said Lakshmi Kannan, MD, PMC Nephrologist, “It is very important to schedule regular visits with your primary care provider, who will monitor your health and refer you to a nephrologist if needed.”

Chronic Kidney Disease can be caused by a variety of conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, and smoking. Other risk factors include heart disease and a family history of kidney failure. CKD is a disease that progresses slowly over a long period of time, and because of this, often goes unnoticed. In fact, 90% of adults with CKD do not know that they have it. To help diagnose and treat CKD, patients should receive regular health screenings.

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For more in-depth statistics, visit the CDC’s Chronic Kidney Disease Initiative website at