Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) is one of the few hospitals in the state offering patients needing a total hip replacement, a shorter recovery time, smaller incisions and typically a shorter hospital stay.

PMC’s Orthopedic Surgeon, Kevin Pugh, MD, is performing total hip replacement surgeries using an anterior approach. This is an approach to the front of the hip joint as opposed to a lateral (side) approach to the hip or posterior (back) approach.

Dr. Pugh has completed extra training to provide this advanced care for patients.

He uses the Hana Table to perform surgery. The state-of-the-art fracture table optimizes the anterior approach for a total hip replacement.

“This approach keeps us on the cutting-edge for orthopedic surgery,” said Dr. Pugh.

The Medical Excellence Award Summary showed outstanding rankings for the PMC Orthopedic Department for Joint Replacement and Major Orthopedic Surgery when they were listed as number one in Ky and the top 10 percent in the region and the nation.

He says there are very few centers using the Hana Table.

“The Hana Table allows us to do the anterior approach. This means decreased length of stay, smaller incisions and patient’s mobility improves allowing them to bend up to 90 degrees within a couple hours,” said Dr. Pugh.

He says patients will see less blood loss, smaller incisions and typically can go home sooner.

PMC has two Hana Tables. He stated the Hana Table allows him to get the exposure to the hip he needs to perform surgery.

Most patients needing a total hip replacement are candidates to undergo surgery using an anterior approach with the Hana Table.

“The recovery time for anterior approach is minimal. Patients typically do not have any physical therapy and no home health,” added Dr. Pugh.

“If you are having difficulty doing simple things such as putting on shoes and socks or getting in and out of a car, experiencing pain in the groin area, thigh and down to the knee you most likely need to see a specialty physician,” said Dr. Pugh.

For more information about PMC’s Orthopedic services, visit www.pikevillehospital.org or call 606-218-2206.