Pikeville Medical Center is encouraging patients to use an internet application to get more involved in their own health care.

The ePMC Patient Portal allows you to take a more active role in managing your health and wellness, by providing you with online access to portions of your medical records. You can also request an appointment, communicate with your health care provider and even view your recent lab results; all from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet or computer.

“Communication is the biggest thing I have seen with my patients,” said Dr. Gudaru, PMC Family Practice physician. “They can send me a message through Patient Portal and it comes directly to Family Practice.” The average response time for a general question is 24-48 hours.

“You can also request appointments,” Dr. Gudaru continued. “All you have to do is specify The day and time you are available to see a physician and the scheduler’s try to accommodate your requests.”

This is helpful for those people whose work schedules prevent them from calling their doctor’s office during normal business hours to schedule appointments.

Patients can also access supplemental information about specific conditions they have been diagnosed with, to gain a better understanding of how to manage their illness.

“Another good thing I have found on Patient Portal is the education information,” explained Dr. Gudaru. “For example, diabetics often ask me what types of food they should or should not eat. You can search diabetic diet and it brings up access to reputable information.” It is the same type of information a patient would receive in a visit.

“There is also a medication list that gives you the side effects and what each medication is used for,” said Dr. Gudaru. “This feature is helpful if a patient is unsure exactly what medications they are taking are prescribed to treat.”

Patient Portal also has a feature that allows you to link your account with someone else’s. “Parents should link their account with their children’s accounts,” Dr. Gudaru said. “Then they can always keep up with which child is taking what medication and when their appointments are.”

It is also a beneficial tool for people who are helping take care of their aging parents.

“The biggest population of people I see who would benefit from linking accounts are the elderly,” said Dr. Gudaru. “The elderly don’t always remember what medications they take or what they previously took.”

To link your account with another, simply call the Patient Portal department at 606-218-3565 for more information.

ePMC Patient Portal is convenient, easy to use and accessible 24/7 on a secure, confidential website.


To download the app, simply visit:

iPhone: https://appstore.com/nextgenpatientortal

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nextmd.nextgenpp