The month known for love is also set aside to focus on heart disease, the number one killer of Americans that devastates hundreds of thousands of families every year.  For 57 years, February has been designated American Heart Month, a time the Heart and Vascular team at Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) focuses extra attention on educating the community about prevention and treatment of this terrible disease.

“At Pikeville Medical Center, we are on the forefront of healthcare with new techniques and the most advanced technology,” said PMC Cardiologist, Syed Imam.  “We work every day to provide people in our region the best opportunity to live a healthier life, and it starts with education.”

Heart disease kills more people than all forms of cancer combined and affects both men and women.  However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only about half (56%) of women recognize that heart disease is their number one killer.

“The increasing number of women facing heart disease is troubling,” added Dr. Imam. “Both men and women need to know the signs of heart disease, but we need to especially stress to women the need to take control and monitor their risk factors and symptoms more closely.”

As a woman ages, her risk of getting heart disease increases, which is why the need for education and prevention is so important.  Dr. Imam added that everyone, not just women, can benefit from practicing healthy lifestyle habits and potentially reduce the risk of heart disease.

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