One of the latest advancements for health care in eastern Kentucky came about when Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) expanded the Critical Care Unit (CCU) services. The need for additional space for this unit is, in part, due to the growing trauma service and an increase of patient transfers to the hospital.

PMC has Kentucky’s only Level II Trauma Center, covering a population of more than 400,000.

This $16,813,872 investment added 36,849 square feet to the CCU development with a bed count of 72 units. The CCU at PMC features the latest state-of-the-art equipment and a highly skilled team of physicians working together to provide world-class quality health care.

PMC’s board certified physicians provide advanced care for these critically ill patients. PMC’s move to expand critical care services allows physicians to remain at the forefront of health care. The use of cutting-edge technology provides better care for these patients.

“At PMC we take pride in serving this region. The expansion of our CCU exemplifies the continuous growth of our organization and the care we are capable of providing,” said PMC Director of CCU, Josh Damron.

This expansion has allowed PMC to offer services and treatments that are generally available in larger cities. Those whose conditions are life-threatening and who require comprehensive care and constant monitoring are now able to receive the care they require at PMC.

The project resulted in adding a new life-saving Cardiohelp, ECMO pump, Aquadex Fluid Removal System, for treatment of congestive heart failure, and an Edwards Hemosphere Monitor used during open-heart recovery.

PMC is able to provide therapy, procedures and patient care while allowing families in the room with the patients.

“This design allows our patients open communication with physicians and the family’s bedside-visits are now more comfortable,” said Damron.

The spacious rooms allow families to spend more time with their loved ones during the time they require extensive care. Each room is equipped with private bathroom and shower areas and comfortable seating.

The units have a localized nursing area that keeps professional care close to those in need.

“The continued growth of the organization and the addition of our highly-trained physicians offer this region advanced experience for those in critical condition. PMC’s expansion was necessary to offer the people in this area better care. We no longer have to turn patients away for care they require, but we are able to keep families close to home during those critical times in their lives,” said PMC Chief Executive Officer, Donovan Blackburn.

“PMC has a wonderful group of nurses and doctors, and we work together in a team format for the benefit of the patient,” added Damron.