Candace Lucas, RN is a PMC Healthcare Hero who works on the 7th Floor in the May Tower. She cares for patients who are showing symptoms of COVID-19. Each day she comes to work knowing the situations her patients are facing. She understands their sicknesses, worries, fears, and the loneliness they face as they fight this virus.

Even though her patients cannot always see her face clearly or it can be difficult to hear her speak to them through the layers of protective covering, she is hopeful they will feel her concern for them.

Candace has worked for PMC for five years, but this year has been like no other.

During these COVID-19 days and nights, she says she has concerns.  It is not likely they are the concerns that may first come to mind.

“My concern is that if people do not follow all of the masking and social distancing protocols, our hospitals and healthcare workers could be stressed by the large number of COVID-19 patients,” said Lucas.

Her message to everyone is: “Please wear your masks, avoid large crowds as much as possible, and wash your hands frequently.  Our communities are depending on you to do your part.”

Candace cares for extremely ill patients by day, but once she removes her personal protection equipment and heads home she once again resumes her role as the wife of Aaron Lucas and mom to six wonderful children, Cade (16), Cami (15), Cali (13), Cane (12), Cate (7), and Cole (2).

Be safe and wear a mask for you, your loved ones, and the selfless heroes, like Candace Lucas, who are working hard to keep this community safe.