Susan Evans of Teaberry, suffered diabetes and she struggled with infertility but that was all before she chose to reclaim her life at Pikeville Medical (PMC) Wellness and Weight Loss Center.

“My breaking point came when I was going to get some orange juice because my sugar was dropping,” said Evans. “The last thing I remembered was walking toward the refrigerator when I passed out.”

When she opened her eyes she was laying on the floor and her husband was standing over her pouring pancake syrup down her throat as an extreme effort to increase her blood sugar level.

“My five year old was screaming because she thought her mommy had died,” she said. “I knew I had to do something.”

Evans decided to have gastric bypass surgery.

“Susan has had phenomenal success with gastric bypass, the best operation for diabetics,” said PMC Bariatric Surgeon, Amy Johnson, MD “We know treatment of early diabetes with bypass carries with it the very best chance at long term cure. Susan is in remission and will likely remain diabetes free for years to come.”

“I had considered weight loss surgery years ago but did not follow through. I was terrified of being put to sleep,” she said. “It took a long time but I put my faith in God and went for it.”

Evans says her family was very supportive.

“They saw my struggles and were very supportive,” she said. “They backed me 100 percent.”

Evans’ surgery experience was a great one.

“Everything went really well,” she said. “Healing went smooth and I was on my feet in no time.”

After losing 124 pounds, Evans cheated diabetes. The surgery put her diabetes into remission and she says her weight loss has put her at the smallest size she has been since the fourth grade.

Evans said, “I took several different diabetic medications before my surgery and I am totally off all of them now.”

Dr. Johnson and her staff have helped Evans reclaim her life.

“They have been wonderful helping me with any questions I had. They were right there for me,” she said.

Evans was shocked when they gave her their personal phone numbers.

“No matter what time, day or night, they were ready to support me,” said Evans. “They all offered a listening ear which was something I did not expect.”

She credits Dr. Johnson and her entire staff, from scheduling to nurse practitioners, for an amazing experience.

Evans says the differences her weight loss has made in her daily life are evident in life’s simple things.

“Crossing my legs for the first time, seeing my feet again, being able to run and enjoy myself with my kids are a few of the simple things that have changed my life,” she said. “My biggest surprise is my outlook on life.”

Prior to her surgery and weight loss, Evans hid. She hid behind anyone she could for most of her life. She had weight issues, even as a young child, but did not realize what she was missing out on.

“I never realized what I was missing until now,” she reported. “I am enjoying life each and every day and that is overwhelmingly exciting.”

She shared a special moment when someone saw her and did not recognize her.

“It was unbelievable. I was at my daughter’s ball game when a man that I have known my entire life approached my husband and me, said Evans. “He asked my husband where I was and I was standing right beside him. When I spoke to him he was shocked. He said he absolutely did not recognize me. It was a feeling I will never be able to explain. I wanted to cry. I wanted to laugh. I was honestly shocked.”

She wants to encourage anyone who is considering weight loss surgery to do themselves a favor and do it now.

“Bring more years to life and more life to your years,” she said. “People will see you differently and you will find yourself with a whole new outlook on life.

For additional information about the PMC Wellness and Weight Loss Center or to schedule an appointment call 606-218-2205.