PIKEVILLE, KY – Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) held a press conference on Thursday, June 20, introducing the new location of the Leonard Lawson Cancer Center (LLCC). The Cancer Center has been relocated to the 10th floor of the PMC Clinic Building and began seeing patients on Monday, June 17. The continued growth of PMC’s oncology providers and patient load made necessary the move to a larger space.

PMC CEO and Vice President of the Board of Directors, Donovan Blackburn and Board of Directors President Ron Burchett both addressed members of the press including, television, radio and print media.

Physicians and patients put forth many suggestions in what they wanted from a new cancer center. Both are excited to see those suggestions implemented. The new LLCC promises to serve patients more efficiently. The floor itself has been remodeled to accommodate oncology needs, and there is much more privacy.

“The new space gives patients many advantages,” said Blackburn. “The chemo suites are private with long couches and a personal television, allowing families to relax with their loved while they receive treatment.”

Another advantage to being on PMC’s main campus is having all oncology services in one location. Now, patients can easily transition from chemotherapy to radiation therapy, or receive infusion services without driving to different places. Having the Emergency Room just an elevator ride away is also very advantageous in the event of an emergency with a patient.

“Patients and their families can also enjoy many other conveniences throughout the hospital,” Blackburn added. “Our brand new Starbucks is a great way to pass the time, or visit the Corner Market to pick up a snack or any personal item you may have left at home. You can also dine anytime in the Top of the Tower Restaurant, where the menu options change daily.”

The physicians also benefit greatly from the relocation of the LLCC. In addition to office visits, oncology doctors also make visits to their patients who are admitted to the hospital. Having their clinic patients and inpatients all under one roof saves so much time driving back and forth between buildings, thus allowing them to fully maximize their time tending to patients’ needs.

PMC is making positive strides in health care across eastern KY, by continuing to recruit top-level physicians, investing in cutting-edge technology and providing advanced specialty care.

Burchett expressed that PMC is headed in the best direction it has ever gone before. He added that Mr. Blackburn is focusing on the financial side of the business utilizing his wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing and restructuring organizations, turning them around and making them successful.

Burchett echoed Blackburn’s sentiments, expressing his heartfelt gratitude to the physicians and staff of the Cancer Center.

“Two things haven’t changed. First, the word cancer still strikes fear in the hearts of people. Second, our staff and physicians are in a unique position where their patient population is passionate about them,” said Burchett.
Burchett addressed the staff and physicians and said, “It bears reminding that you have a tremendous responsibility to give the very best care to those patients. You uphold the trust that they place in you.”
The move has been met with much excitement from staff, patients and physicians.

“We had really outgrown the older facility and are excited to be here in the main hospital. We have extra space allocated to oncology to expand as the need arises,” said LLCC Director Vickie Justus. “The staff and I are thrilled with all the positive responses from patients. They love the new look of the lobby, but also enjoy the privacy that our new chemo suites offer them and their families.”

The remodel of the 10th floor provides a beautiful waiting area with ample seating. All the support services, such as Art Therapy, smoking cessation classes and the Cancer Support Group, are located just off the lobby in the Outreach Office, making them more easily accessible to patients.

Special parking for oncology patients has been designated on the 2nd and 10th floors of the PMC Parking Garage for added convenience.

For additional information about the Leonard Lawson Cancer Center visit https://www.pikevillehospital.org/services/leonard-lawson-cancer-center/ or call 606-218-2212.