Roger Belcher of Pikeville, KY retired from the United States Federal Government. For years, he had plans to enjoy his spare time by participating in the performing arts in the region.

Belcher started to experience knee pain that hindered his ability to act at local theatres. He began to see lifestyle limitations and limited movement. He decided to make an appointment with Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) Orthopedic Surgeon, Kevin Pugh, MD.

“My knee started to give me problems and limit my ability to do things I wanted to do,” said Belcher. “It was a severe pain like nothing I had experienced.”

He said Dr. Pugh informed him he would need a total knee replacement due to the excessive damage to his knee.

A knee replacement is a surgical procedure to replace the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint to relieve pain and disability in one’s knee.

Dr. Pugh informed Belcher he was also a candidate for iovera°, a procedure performed before having knee surgery.

Iovera° is a non-opioid way to manage pain by treating peripheral nerves. This advanced technology distributes cold temperature on targeted nerves that will temporarily disrupt the transmission of pain signals from the pain receptors to the brain.

This treatment was implemented to assist qualifying patients who are undergoing a total knee replacement and can be performed before knee surgery to help reduce pain during the weeks following surgery.

“Iovera° significantly improves patient recovery time,” said Dr. Pugh. “Patients could see less pain after their surgical procedure is completed.”

Belcher says he had full confidence in Dr. Pugh to perform his operation and trusted his medical opinion.

“Dr. Pugh is an extraordinary physician,” said Belcher. “I knew PMC’s orthopedic program was among the best in the state.”

“Our staff strives every day to provide world-class quality healthcare to all patients,” said Dr. Pugh. “PMC’s Orthopedic team offers patients like Belcher the ability to stay close to home when undergoing advanced procedures.”

Belcher is doing well and is enjoying his retirement. Since his health has improved, he is now happily pursuing his hobbies, performing at the local theater and doing woodworking projects.

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