M. Mike Trivette, MD, grew up in Eastern Ky. and has practiced medicine in the region for 23 years. His commitment has always been caring for his patients and their well-being.

Dr. Trivette knows that heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women. Many times in the past, he has recognized signs and symptoms of heart disease in his patients. He routinely encourages them to seek emergent care if heart attack signs arise.

Dr. Trivette started to experience increasing shortness of breath, shoulder pain, neck pain and tightness in his chest–those same symptoms he had diagnosed previously in his patients.

“I knew something was wrong. I have always encouraged my patients to go to an emergency department for the same symptoms I was experiencing,” said Dr. Trivette. “I knew I had to follow the advice I had given them.”

Dr. Trivette came to Pikeville Medical Center’s (PMC) Emergency Department (ED) where he informed the PMC staff of his condition.

“Dr. Trivette was immediately taken to a treatment room where PMC’s ED staff began an electrocardiogram (EKG), cardiac monitoring and cardiac blood work,” said PMC Director of the Emergency Department, Dale Morton.

He says PMC’s ED staff had the EKG completed in less than eight minutes.

“Dr. Trivette’s condition became worse while in the ED. A second EKG, showed an immediate need for intervention,” said Morton.

PMC Emergency Department Physician Barrett Webb, DO, consulted with Interventional Cardiologist, Ahmed Malik, MD, and immediately transferred Dr. Trivette to PMC’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab.

“Our team determined the patient’s needs,” said Dr. Malik. “We quickly decided Dr. Trivette had a total occluded artery which was blocking essential blood flow to the heart.”

Dr. Malik and his team inserted one stent to open blood flow to the damaged area of the heart.

“I am very thankful that PMC had this great service available locally and a team that was ready to respond and care for me,” said Dr. Trivette.

Recently, PMC elevated heart care in the region for patients such as Dr. Trivette with the expansion of three new state-of-the-art catheterization labs. PMC made the investment to fight heart disease for the growing number of patients in the region.

This expansion allows PMC to care for patients with heart disease, offering them top-quality health care.

Dr. Trivette said he was grateful for the world-class care he was able to receive at PMC. He is doing well and is back to treating his patients at his clinic.

For more information about PMC’s Heart and Vascular Institute, call 606-218-2201 or visit our Heart and Vascular Institute page.