Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) continues to make advancements for heart and lung patients by using the da Vinci surgical system. This advanced equipment is designed to facilitate complex surgeries using a minimally invasive approach.

The da Vinci technology could improve results and help physicians provide quality care for their patients.

Many patients see faster recovery, smaller incisions and overall less pain.

PMC Cardiothoracic Surgeon John Deel, MD said, “Robotic surgery allows us to do things we could not do minimally invasive before robotics. We have improved visualization, making it possible to see more than I could with an open incision.”
The da Vinci camera allows the surgeon to get a three dimensional view of what he is doing.

“In complex heart and lung surgeries, the da Vinci provides me a high definition picture of a person’s heart or lung,” said Dr. Deel.

Using the da Vinci, Dr. Deel says he is able to increase the magnification to see things better.

He says the da Vinci is designed with safety in mind. The surgeon is in full control of the da Vinci and all of the movements it makes and also has full wrist and finger function during an operation.

“I am able to rotate instruments better during an operation using the da Vinci,” said Dr. Deel.

He said he is able to set the da Vinci to perform precise incisions. He is able to adjust the machine to make smaller incisions than when done by hand, performing the same surgery.

Patients needing a lung biopsy, who meet the requirements, are seeing less pain post-operatively.

“With the use of the da Vinci, surgeons do not spread ribs as much, subsequently patients see less pain after the procedure,” Dr. Deel said.

Those who are a candidate for da Vinci surgery, will see smaller incisions, faster recovery with less pain and equal results says Dr. Deel.

PMC continues to grow by adding more surgical opportunities using the da Vinci.

For more information about the da Vinci or other surgical procedures call 606-218-3500.