Mike Sanders of Pikeville made a drastic change in his life when he chose Pikeville Medical Weight Loss Surgery Center (PMC) to treat his obesity.

Sanders was nearly 600lbs and his pants had a 70–inch waist. His obesity had caused difficulty for him in everyday life. He struggled with simple tasks.

“All I can ever remember is being extremely obese. Even at 10 years old, I had a 42–inch waist size,” said Sanders.

He said he had fooled himself for many years regarding his health and weight.

“Every time I would go to the doctor, my blood pressure and cholesterol were always normal. It was on the high end of normal, but nothing alarming. I ignored my obesity thinking I was ok,” said Sanders.

Sanders journey to a new life began on a family vacation. He was unable to enjoy time with his family due to exhaustion, caused by his obesity.

“I could barely walk down the street with my family and enjoy our vacation. The walking caused me so much exhaustion I had to go to our hotel room to rest. I was so exhausted and looked so bad, my son feared for my health and what was happening to me,” explained Sanders.

At that moment, Sanders knew he was going to change his life. He made an appointment with PMC’s Bariatric Surgeon, Amy Johnson, MD.

Dr. Johnson made Sanders feel at ease and understand the options he had regarding his obesity.

“Mike needed help. I knew with proper guidance, his life could change,” said Dr. Johnson.

He recalls the decision was simple. “I knew I needed help. My family and I prayed about it. I knew I needed to make a change,” said Sanders.

Together, Dr. Johnson and Sanders discussed his options and chose the gastric sleeve procedure.

“Once I decided to proceed with this, I set my mind to live a healthier lifestyle. This was going to be the beginning of a new version of myself,” Sanders added.

Sanders lost 350 lbs. since having his procedure.

“This surgery changed my life. I have changed everything and I have never felt better,” said Sanders.

He added, he was once not able to even walk a mile and today he runs an average of 10 miles a day.

“I never realized what I was missing. I am enjoying life as a much healthier person,” said Sanders.

He said he was thankful for the love and support of his wife and kids.

He wants to encourage anyone with obesity problems to consider meeting with Dr. Johnson to discuss options. He credits Dr. Johnson and her staff for an amazing experience.

For more information about PMC’s With Loss Surgery Center to schedule an appointment call 606-430-2205 or click here to visit our Weight Loss Surgical Center page.