Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) is one of the few hospitals in the nation to provide the new Micra Leadless Pacemaker for their patients.

PMC currently has two electrophysiologists, Michael Antimisiaris, MD (Dr. A) and Chase Reynolds, MD and both physicians have completed the extra training to provide this new advancement to the patients in the region.

Dr. Reynolds said, “It is an exciting new technology that allows us to offer a much smaller, and for some patients, safer pacemaker system. It also keeps us on the cutting-edge of what is available in the field of electrophysiology.”

He says there are very few centers implanting these devices and he and Dr. A are glad to be among the first.

The new leadless pacemaker allows a patient to undergo pacemaker implantation with no leads or wires in the vascular system at all. There is no generator in the chest, like in a typical pacemaker. Dr. Reynolds says it is a small self-contained device that sits in the heart. Everything is done through a catheter running thru the femoral vain in your groin, much like in a heart cath.

“You have no incision, no generator or anything in the chest, and no wires in the blood stream,” said Dr. Reynolds.

He added that the leadless pacemaker is not something that is appropriate for all patients.

“In those patients who do qualify, it comes with a lower infection risk, less equipment in there for less to worry about within the body,” said Dr. Reynolds.

These devices offer ventricular pacing. Dr. Reynolds reports that currently research is being done on a newer version of this device that will allow both atrial and ventricular pacing.

“Since we are already implanting ventricular pacing we should be one of the first centers to implant the newer device once it become available,” said Dr. Reynolds.

For additional information about the Micra Leadless Pacemaker call the PMC Heart and Vascular Institute at 606-218-2201.