Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) recently recognized its sixth DAISY Award winner, (Megan) Hope Conley. The DAISY Award is a national recognition initiative that recognizes extraordinary nurses for the work they do for patients and families each day.


“Hope is an excellent example of what a nurse should be and strives to go above and beyond every day,” said PMC Assistant Vice President of Patient Services Jeanette Sexton. “She is recognized by her patients and co-workers often for giving great care and for her outstanding teamwork. I’m proud to have her as an employee.”


Conley has been a registered nurse on the 5E Medical Unit for nearly two years. Conley, who resides in Salyersville, was selected from a group of several nominees and was honored during a surprise ceremony at the hospital on Sept. 21.


“I’m so very proud and honored to have the opportunity to work along- side Hope,” added PMC Inpatient Pediatric and Medical Director Melissa Bentley. “She is truly an inspiration to us all on 5E.”


When asked her thoughts on being the sixth DAISY award recipient at PMC, Conley replied,


“I couldn’t be a DAISY winner without my co-workers on 5E, they make it easy to be a good nurse. While I know my patients aren’t feeling well, I always try to laugh and smile; I want to make them smile at least once a day.”


PMC Chief Nursing Officer Michelle Rainey commended Conley for her outstanding performance.


“Hope is such a humble employee,” Rainey said. “She is truly what we at PMC are all about. I want to congratulate her on her outstanding performance with this family and thank her for her contributions to this organization.”


She was nominated for the award for the exceptional care she provided to a medical patient at PMC. Not only was Hope nominated by the patient’s spouse, but the patient’s child nominated her as well. Below are the two nomination letters submitted by the family members:




Spouse’s Nomination Letter-


My husband became very ill and was hospitalized in June 2017. He was very upset and confused. Hope was his nurse, she is always cheerful, happy, and caring. She was always checking to see if he was comfortable or if he needed anything. When he didn’t want to take his medicine she was very patient and never gave up until he took it. Even though she was very busy. When he pulled his oxygen off and the wires to his monitor she was right there to fix them back. It is hard to explain but she made the whole family feel welcome and special. She wasn’t just doing her job. She is one of the most caring nurses I have ever met. Any hospital should be proud to have Hope working for them. I hope everyone at PMC knows what a special nurse she is. I will never forget her and the care she gave my husband and family. Her name said it exactly right. Hope as long as there are nurses like her, patients and families have Hope. Thank you Hope from the bottom of our hearts.



Child’s Nomination Letter-


My Dad was admitted for kidney failure and congestive heart failure. The toxins in his blood mixed with a mild sedative both caused him to kind of lose his mind. He became aggressive, rude and mean. Totally not himself. Hope came in and no matter how rude my Daddy was, no matter what he did, her professionalism, empathy and compassion all came through. As broken hearted as we all were she would come in and make us feel as though she was a part of the family. Her personality, warmth, and attitude with my Dad just says it all. PMC is lucky to have her, and no matter what she needs to know what a treasure she is. It is nurses like her that make PMC the best. Thank you Hope.


“It feels great for people to show their appreciation,” added Conley. “I feel like I really meant something to this patient and their family.”


Conley was selected from a number of registered nurses who were also nominated for this prestigious award.


To nominate a nurse for a DAISY Award® online, go to www.pikevillehospital.org/nominateanurse/.