During February, much attention is given to diseases and disorders that affect a patient’s heart and how they negatively affect a person’s quality of life. At the Heart and Vascular Institute of Eastern Kentucky at Pikeville Medical Center (PMC), there is a specialized team of physicians and medical providers who are dedicated to treating conditions affecting the circulatory system, commonly referred to as vascular disease. Vascular disease is a broad term that includes diseases affecting a patient’s arteries, veins and lymph vessels to blood disorders that can drastically impact circulation.

Eastern Kentucky has a high rate of heart disease and vascular conditions, both of which are leading causes of death both in the region and state. Because of this, it is extremely important to have access to a dedicated and highly skilled team caring for patients facing these issues. Many times, vascular disease is virtually silent and often goes unnoticed until a catastrophic event occurs, such as the rupturing of an aneurysm or a stroke. In the realm of vascular and endovascular surgery, the Heart and Vascular Institute of Eastern Kentucky at PMC has two experienced vascular/endovascular surgeons leading a skilled team that treats carotid artery disease, aneurysm repair, peripheral vascular disease, venous disease, dialysis access and maintenance and more.

Al Addasi, MD and Peter Armstrong, MD, FACS, are Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery in General Surgery and Vascular Surgery. Together, they have many years of experience treating patients facing vascular issues. Drs. Addasi and Armstrong, along with their nurse practitioners, and support staff, are committed to providing care to patients whose health is being affected by vascular disease.