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Please respect your fellow members’ privacy. Do not record, take screenshots, or post anything that occurs in the Virtual Workshop. If you do, we may terminate your membership.
Virtual Workshops will not be recorded or available to view at a later date.
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Team WW

Pikeville Medical Center is proud to announce the partnership with Weight Watchers. Beginning on Wednesday, August 1, 2018, all Pikeville employees, can take advantage of the new WW FreestyleTM program at reduced pricing.

By enrolling through Pikeville Medical Center’s program, employees can take advantage of a subsidy reducing the cost of membership by more than 50% of the regular membership price.

Additionally, spouses and dependents also have access to the OnlinePlus discounted price- making health and weight loss a family affair!

Pikeville Medical Center is committed to helping you reach your weight-loss goals and improve your overall health by offering a discounted price on the Weight Watchers® offerings listed below.

Make health and weight loss a family affair! Employee spouses and dependents can also participate in the OnlinePlus program at the company subsidized amount listed above.

To purchase either of these Weight Watchers offerings, or for more information, visit, and enter the information listed below:

Employer ID: 14273759

Employer Passcode: WW14273759

For questions or assistance registering please call the Weight Watchers Wellness Hotline at 866-204-2885.

Step 1: Go to Enter Employer ID:14273759 and Employer Passcode: WW14273759.

Step 2: Personalize Your Account and create a username and password.

If you are a current Weight Watchers member, click the blue link “Do you already have a account?” and enter your existing Weight Watchers username and password to link your account history to this new subscription and gain access to the Pikeville Medical Center subsidy. You will be asked to enter your current password once you reach Step 6.

Step 3: Complete your workplace information by selecting your Employee Type within the drop-down menu.

Employees: Enter your Employee Number. Enter the zip code for the building where you work and click on “find locations”. Select a pre-populated work location. If the results do not show your work address, select “Other” and enter the hospital’s street address which is 911 By-Pass Road.

Spouses and Dependents: Enter your Employee Number+S for spouse; or Employee Number+D+ the dependent’s birth month and day (xxxx) for dependents.  Enter the zip code of your home address in the Workplace ZIP code field and select “Find Locations.” Select “Other” and enter your home address in the workplace address fields.

Step 4: Review our product offerings: Meetings and OnlinePlus. If you are looking for At Work meeting locations at your workplace or community meeting locations near your workplace or home, click Learn More within the Meetings section, and proceed to Step 5. If you prefer OnlinePlus, click Learn More within the Online section, and skip to Step 6.

Step 5: Search for meetings. If you do not see your At Work meeting listed, simply click Buy Monthly Pass next to one of the listed community meetings. THIS WILL NOT COMMIT YOU TO THIS SPECIFIC MEETING. Your Monthly Pass will be valid in any community meeting or At Work meeting at your workplace. Your purchase will count toward the 15-people needed to open a meeting at your workplace. Until your workplace meeting begins, or if a workplace meeting is not right for you, you are able to attend meetings in your local community.

Step 6: Complete your Weight Watchers Subscription Account:

  1. If you are an existing member, re-enter your current Weight Watchers password (this will finalize your account history linking process) and update your information where necessary. If you are a new member to Weight Watchers, proceed to entering more information about you. Click Next
  2. On the next page, if you are new member, complete your account log in information by re-entering the password created on the registration site in Step 2. This will be the username and password to use going forward on all logins to your account to access eTools, Online Subscriptions and mobile applications. If the pre-populated username is not available on this section, please create a new one.
  3. Enter your payment information along with the billing/shipping address
  4. Accept the subscription agreement and click on  “Complete Sign Up”

Step 7: Attend Meetings or start your program online today!


If you need assistance with any of these steps, please call Weight Watchers Wellness Hotline at 866-204-2885.

1. What is Weight Watchers and why is Pikeville Medical Center partnering with them?

Weight Watchers is a company that offers weight-loss services and products founded on a scientifically based approach to weight management. The Weight Watchers Freestyle™ program helps you eat better by following the SmartPoints® system, move more at your own pace, and positively shift your mindset. This program offers our most personalized approach ever and focuses on you, not just a number on the scale.

Pikeville Medical Center has teamed up with Weight Watchers to bring its associates effective weight-management offerings at a special price.

What are the available Weight Watchers plan offerings?

Two Weight Watchers offerings are available. You can choose to follow the plan either completely online or in person:

Offering 1: Meetings (includes OnlinePlus)

Offering 2: OnlinePlus

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Offering 1: Meetings (includes OnlinePlus)

What will I receive with my Meetings membership?

Once you enroll you will have access to weekly meetings at your workplace (where applicable) or in the local community. You’ll also have access to OnlinePlus, Weight Watchers suite of digital and mobile tools. You will often see the reference to Meetings membership as Weight Watchers Meetings with Monthly Pass.

How much time should I plan on spending at a meeting?

Your group meeting, led by a trained Weight Watchers leader, will last approximately 30-45 minutes.

What can I expect at a Weight Watchers meeting?

At Weight Watchers meetings you’ll learn how to follow the SmartPoints® system, which includes tips and strategies, plus:

  • Guidance from a Leader who has lost weight with Weight Watchers
  • A supportive and caring environment
  • Helpful tools, guides, books, and recipes

At your first meeting, Weight Watchers staff will give you a private weigh-in and give you the information and materials you need to get started right away.

What are the requirements for becoming a Weight Watchers Meetings member?

To become a Weight Watchers Meetings member, you must:

  1. Weigh at least 5 pounds more than the minimum healthy weight for your height, according to the Weight Watchers healthy weight ranges.
  2. Be at least 18years old.
  3. Not be pregnant.
  4. Not have an active medical diagnosis of bulimia nervosa or anorexia nervosa.
  5. Sign the Health Release on the Registration Card.

Click here to view the Weight Watchers Healthy Weight Range Chart.


Why do I have to complete my sign-up for Meetings membership on a website?

Your Meetings Monthly Pass only becomes active after you complete the sign-up on our website. This is to ensure that you have read our terms and conditions and understand the pricing plan you are participating in. Even if our customer service team assists you with your registration, you will need to complete your sign-up for Meetings with Monthly Pass by visiting our website within seven days of purchase to accept these terms and conditions.


Where can I find my Monthly Pass?

Here are the directions for locating your Monthly Pass on our mobile app and website:

  • For iPhone -iPad: From the My Day screen, tap the Profile icon (top right),then My Monthly Pass Card under Resources.
  • Android: Tap the Profile icon (bottom right next to Connect), then My Monthly Pass Card under Resources.
  • Computer: From the My Day screen, select your Account in the top-right corner, then Settings, then Account & Billing, and enter your password, then select Plan Enrolled-Monthly Pass, which will display with the option to print.

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Offering 2: OnlinePlus

What is OnlinePlus?

OnlinePlus allows you to follow Weight Watchers entirely online. It is a self-directed plan with interactive tools and resources such as food and activity trackers, restaurant guides, and thousands of recipes and meal ideas to help you stay on track. You also can reach trained Weight Watchers leaders via the 24/7 Expert Chat feature. The Weight Watchers mobile app also gives you access to Connect, our exclusive, members-only social media space where thousands of members share tips while supporting and motivating each other.
Meetings attendance is not available for individuals who enroll in this option.

How do I access OnlinePlus once I’ve registered?

Once you have purchased an OnlinePlus subscription, you’ll access it at and log in with your username and password created during the registration process. You will be recognized as a returning registered online subscriber.How do I get help with an Online Plus subscription?

Help is available in the upper right-hand corner of every page on Use the “help” button to email specific questions in these areas: Subscription Process, Tools and Features, Technical Support, Login Help, Start Weight Changes, Cancellations, and Weight Watchers On-the-Go™. The typical response time is within 24 hours.

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2. Who is eligible?

Who is eligible to participate in these offerings?

All Pikeville Medical Center employees are eligible to participate in WeightWatchers Meetings or Online Plus programs. Employees spouses and dependents are eligible to participate in the Weight Watchers OnlinePlus program at the company subsidized price.

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3. What is the pricing for the Weight Watchers offerings and how do I receive wellness points for my participation?

What is the cost of these offerings?

Offering 1: Meetings – $19.11 per month

Offering 2: OnlinePlus – $8.48 per month

State taxes may be applicable. You will be charged the listed prices each month until you cancel your membership or if you are no longer eligible for the company subsidy.

How can I earn wellness points for my participation in Weight Watchers?Insert client wellness point program if applicable.

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4. How Do I enroll?

How do I enroll in Weight Watchers to receive the Pikeville Medical Center’s special pricing? Purchase any of these offerings through https://wellness.weightwatchers.comwith Employer ID: 14273759 and Employer Passcode: WW14273759 to receive a special price and subsidy. For assistance, call 866-204-2885 (Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m. EST; Saturday 11:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. ET). You may also email with questions.

How can I take advantage of the Pikeville Medical Centers special pricing if I am a current Weight Watchers member?

If you are a current Weight Watchers member, you will still need to register under Pikeville Medical Centers Weight Watchers portal to take advantage of the discounted pricing and subsidy. Please follow the instructions below. You can also call Weight Watchers at 866-204-2885 (Monday–Friday 8:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m. EST; Saturday 11:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. ET) for assistance getting your membership switched to your Pikeville Medical Plans special pricing.

Please visit:

Employer ID: 14273759 Employer Passcode: WW14273759

Click “Do you already have a account?” and enter your current username and password into these fields to maintain your previous account history and favorites.

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5. How do I cancel my membership?

We are committed to a hassle -free cancellation process. You can easily cancel your Meetings membership on our website. Simply log in to your account, go to “Settings” and then “Account” to view your cancellation options. If you would like assistance with cancelling your account, you can call 866-204-2885. If you have already been billed for your next month, call Weight Watchers Wellness Hotline at 866-204-2885 to receive a full refund for the upcoming month. Please note that you will not receive a refund for the month in which you cancel, except as provided in the Cancellation Policy.

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6. Is my information confidential?

Is my member information kept confidential?

Yes. Pikeville Medical Center does receive information about weight loss in aggregate numbers only and will not receive any individual or personally identifiable information.

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7. What is Weight Watchers Lifetime Membership?

What is Lifetime Membership?

Lifetime Membership is a valuable benefit that you, as a Meetings member, can receive when you reach and maintain your weight goal.

You’re awarded Lifetime Membership once you reach the following criteria:

  • You select and achieve a weight goal that is within the Weight Watchers Healthy Weight Ranges (or above Weight Watchers weight ranges if a note from a physician has been provided) and at least five pounds less than your initial start weight.

After you reach your weight goal , you must complete the maintenance phase of the plan — remain an active, paid member throughout the next six weeks, weigh in at least twice and be within two pounds (+/ – ) of your weight goal at the final maintenance weigh – in.

Once you become a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member, you are considered a permanent part of the Weight Watchers family! You’ll receive a Lifetime Membership Recognition Award, along with the additional benefits of a complimentary digital subscription and attendance to unlimited meetings (subject to certain regulations. For details, please speak with your Leader).

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Weight Watchers and SmartPoints are the registered trademarks of Weight Watchers International, Inc. WW Freestyle is the trademark of Weight Watchers, Inc.

Weight Watchers

Locating Employee ID

Option 1: Paystub

  1. Log into PeopleSoft
  2. Click Main Menu > Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > Pay
  3. Select any of your pay stubs
  4. In the top middle of the pay stub you can locate your employee id.


Option 2: Timesheet

  1. Log into PeopleSoft
  2. Click Main Menu > Self Service > Time Reporting > Report Time > Timesheet
  3. You can locate your Employee ID at the top right hand side

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