President/CEO: Walter E. May

President/CEO: Walter E. May

Chief Operating Officer: Juanita Deskins

V.P./Chief Financial Officer: Michelle Hagy

Asst. CFO/ Facility: Marcus Conley

Chief Medical Officer: Aaron Crum, MD

Chief Nursing Officer/Asst. COO: Debra Parsons

Asst. CNO: Michelle Rainey

Chief Information Officer: Tony Damron

Asst. CIO/VP:  Nick Antimisiaris

V.P. Rehabilitation Services: Debbie Puckett

V.P./Asst. to the President/CEO: Cheryl Hickman

V.P. Internal Audit & Corporate Compliance: Cathy Jorgensen

V.P. Support Services: Jeffery D. May

V.P. Facilities: Ralph Lomma

V.P. Surgical Services: Anita Wilson

V.P. Professional and Support Services: Kansas Justice

V.P. Human Resources: Andrea Robinette Lowe

Asst. V.P. Clinical & Financial Integration: Melissa Thacker

Asst. V.P. Administration/Facility: Cory Weatherford

Asst. V.P. Physician Services: Deanna Porter

Asst. V.P. Physician Services: Jeanette Sexton

Asst. V.P. Physician Services: Amber Tackett

Asst. V.P. Risk Management/Patient Safety: Pam Vanhoose

Asst. V.P. Radiology/Interventional Radiology: Joni Fields