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Delivers Advanced Cancer Care Close to Home


The future of cancer care isn’t tomorrow. At Pikeville Medical Center’s Lawson Cancer Center, we have the expertise and leading-edge technology to fight it today. With capabilities to provide full-service cancer treatment and follow-up care, the Lawson Cancer Center is one of a select few cancer centers in Kentucky to hold accreditation from the Commission on Cancer with commendations.



Staffed by expert oncologists, surgical specialists, nurses, pharmacists, patient navigators and many other highly trained healthcare professionals, the Leonard Lawson Cancer Center makes it convenient for patients across Eastern Kentucky to receive advanced cancer care close to home. Click on the links provided below to learn about our physicians, services and treatment capabilities.

Watch the video above to learn more about the biggest win of Robert’s life.

Radiation Oncology Spotlight

The Lawson Cancer Center at Pikeville Medical Center is using innovative technology to treat patients whose treatment plans call for radiation therapy. PMC has installed two state-of-the-art TrueBeam Linear Accelerators from Varian Medical Systems, which allows radiation oncologists at the Lawson Cancer Center to deliver radiation treatments more accurately than ever before.


The TrueBeam Linear Accelerator allows PMC’s radiation oncologists to target and treat very precise areas of the body. During a treatment, the radiation beam is continually shaped and reshaped according to the size, shape and position of the tumor, resulting in the protection of healthy, surrounding tissue.


PMC Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Ruth Lavigne, was interviewed by WSAZ’s Susan Nicholas and discussed skin cancer prevention tips, skin cancer types and treatments, as well as the addition of a second, new linear accelerator.


Click here to learn more about PMC’s Radiation Oncology providers.

Lawson Cancer Center, 10th Floor
(Some services provided on 11 and 1 May Tower West)
911 Bypass Road, Building A
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  • Experts in Cancer Care Close to Home

    Experts in Cancer Care Close to Home

    No matter what type of cancer a patient faces, the Lawson Cancer Center (LCC) at Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) is committed to providing compassionate care and utilizing advanced technology. Patients at the LCC receive personalized treatment from the entire oncology team, which consists of specialists from many different areas throughout the PMC system of providers.

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