General hospital visiting hours are from 9 am-10 pm. After 10:00 pm, visitor passes must be obtained at the second-floor information desk.

Specialized areas have specific visitation requirements:

  • Emergency Department – Limit to two (2) visitors at a time for each patient.
  • ICU (Intensive Care Units) – Limit to two (2) visitors at a time for each patient.  Visitation blocks are 8 AM-6 PM and 8 PM-6 AM.
  • OB -Limit to four (4) visitors at one time. No children under the age of 12 unless they are siblings of the newborns.
  • Labor & Delivery: Three (3) max, no changing in or out, and no siblings allowed until after delivery.

Those times are posted on each unit.


Children under twelve (12) should wait in the waiting rooms on the patient care units unless special arrangements have been made with the charge nurse on the patient care unit because of the risk of infection to the children and our patients. Children under age of 12 are not to be left unattended. Special visitation is allowed for siblings of newborns.  Children should have an adult with them at all times.

Nursing reserves the authority to limit the number of visitors in certain circumstances, including children.


Limiting Visitation

Occasionally it might be necessary to limit or restrict visitation. Clinical indications include, but are not limited to:

  1. Stabilization of the patient’s condition
  2. Change in a patient condition requiring immediate intervention
  3. Bedside procedures as part of the patient’s therapeutic treatment plan that necessitate patient privacy
  4. Behaviors such as agitation or a deteriorating patient condition as a result of over-stimulation by visitors
  5. Impeding care, intentionally or not, by the visitor(s)


Expectations for Visitors: To help prevent the spread of infection, visitors:

  • Any visitor with symptoms of COVID-19 will not be permitted to enter the facility.
  • Visitors showing symptoms of COVID-19 will be respectfully asked to leave the facility unless seeking treatment.
  • Must wash their hands or use the hand sanitizer EVERY time they enter or exit a patient room.
  • May be restricted from units or clinical areas with immunosuppressed patients.
  • These restrictions will be enforced consistently regardless of any pre-communication expectations.
  • Should limit the number of personal items brought into the hospital or clinical area to reduce transmission of infection. PMC does not assume responsibility of lost, broken or stolen items. Personal items may be restricted depending on the condition of the patient.


Visitation With Patients In Isolation For COVID

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