Welcome to the Medical Staff Services Department!

The Medical Staff Office is responsible for credentialing all physicians, dentists, podiatrists, and many mid-level practitioners who wish to have membership and privileges at Pikeville Medical Center. It also provides many support services to the medical staff.

Location and Office Hours:

We are located on the second floor in the Elliott Building of Pikeville Medical Center.

Office Hours:
8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

How to Contact Us:

Telephone Number: 606-218-3970

Fax Number: 606-218-4575

Mailing Address:
Pikeville Medical Center
Medical Staff Services Department
911 S. Bypass Road
Pikeville, KY 41501

How long does the application/credentialing process take?

That depends on the application – how thoroughly it is filled out, and if all supporting documents are included by the applicant.It also depends on how long it takes to receive responses to our office’s verification requests. Once an application is received, it will normally take 2-3 months to complete the application process.

Our verification process is very thorough.We verify information by contacting the primary source, i.e., schools where the applicant received his/her medical education, hospital affiliations, malpractice insurance companies, etc. We verify all medical licenses, as well as query the AMA and the National Practitioner Data Bank.We check for OIG exclusions and routinely run criminal background checks. We also query three peer references (physicians in same or similar specialty) who can attest to the applicant’s skill, competence, ethics, and character.We also request information that will help us determine if the applicant is currently competent to perform the privileges he/she is requesting.

If we do not receive a response to a query within fourteen (14) days, a second request for verification will be sent. We will then notify the applicant of the incompleteness of the application, and request his/her help in contacting the person or institution. The applicant has the burden of producing adequate information for a proper evaluation of his/her competence, character, ethics and other qualification, and for resolving any doubts about such qualifications.

Once the application is deemed complete by the Medical Staff Office, it is reviewed by the Department Chair of the appropriate service committee.Upon his/her approval, the application is forwarded to the Credentials Committee for review and recommendation. Upon the approval of the Credentials Committee, it is then forwarded to the Medical Executive Committee (MEC) for review and recommendation.Upon approval of the MEC, it is forwarded to the Board of Directors for final action. The Board grants all membership and privileges to the medical staff.Once the Board takes action, a letter from the Office of the President/CEO of the Hospital will be sent to the applicant regarding the Board’s decision concerning the application.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Medical Staff Office at 606-218-3970.

  • When does the Credentials Committee meet?
    The Credentials Committee meets on the third Thursday of every month.
  • How many department meetings must a member of the Active Staff attend per year?
    The Medical Staff Bylaws require Active Staff to attend 50% of Department and Medical Staff meetings per year.

Contact Medical Staff Services for more information on:

  • Increasing your privileges
  • Change staff status (e.g. changing from Active Staff to Courtesy Staff)
  • How to go on Leave of Absence (LOA)
  • Changing addresses or phone numbers (office or home)
  • The process for getting temporary privileges