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PIKEVILLE — The Pikeville Medical Wound Care Center was recognized as one of the top performers for the 2014 Diabetes Campaign by Healogics Inc. Healogics’ Diabetes Campaign encouraged Wound Care Centers to utilize community outreach to educate health care providers about chronic wounds caused by diabetes. A chronic wound is one that will not heal itself over time (within two to three months).   The Pikeville Medical Wound Care Center has been honored as one of the top five centers in the region. Their hard work and dedication to community education is valuable to patients and health care providers. Pikeville Medical Wound Care Center Director Richard Davis said, “This award solidifies our wound care center as one of the best in the region. It takes a total team effort to grow the center and more on this story...  

Motorcycle mishaps, falls most common causes of brain injury

PIKEVILLE — Prevention is known as the only cure for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). TBI is defined as an injury to the brain/skull caused by an external force, such as a strike or impact. Motor vehicle accidents and falls are the most common causes of TBI. According to the Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky, “someone in the United States sustains a brain injury every 15 seconds. ” Luckily, there are many steps one can take to help prevent a TBI from occurring. Adhering to the following tips may help reduce the risk of a TBI: Motor Vehicle Accidents •Always wear a seat belt. •Place small children in the back seat in the appropriate child safety seat, according to the child’s more on this story...  

It’s Endometriosis Awareness Month

PIKEVILLE — Recognizing March as national Endometriosis Awareness Month, Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) encourages the public to learn more about this disorder. PMC provides comprehensive services for women with a team of five Obstetricians/Gynecologists — Dr. Aaron Crum, Dr. Rebecca Hobbs, Dr. Angela Maggard, Dr. Tom McGuire and Dr. Erin Mullins. Endometriosis — a painful disorder that occurs in women during their reproductive years — is one of numerous gynecological conditions treated by this team. It is often called the “invisible disorder” because it does not cause symptoms in every woman affected by it. In other women, however, endometriosis can be very painful and can cause infertility. The National Institutes of Health reports that endometriosis affects at least five million women in America, but the actual number of patients with the disorder is more on this story...  

Treating Traumatic Brain Injury

PIKEVILLE — Pikeville Medical Center Neurosurgeons Dr. Duane Densler and Dr. Norman Mayer, along with the other members of the hospital’s trauma team, work together to treat all traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients who come through PMC’s Emergency Department (ED).   Other members of PMC’s trauma team include two trauma surgeons and experienced professionals in the emergency department, orthopedic trauma, critical care, interventional radiology, plastic surgery and radiology. Dr. Densler states that, “Unfortunately, TBI accounts for roughly 30 percent of all cases treated by PMC’s Neurosurgery Department. ”  “The type of treatment given for traumatic brain injury is determined by each patient’s individual situation,” said Dr. Densler. “The severity of the injury helps us decide our plan of action. It is always our goal to restore brain function back to 100 percent. ” Physicians use the Glasgow more on this story...  

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