Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) advances care to detect breast cancer with the addition of the Hologic 3 Dimensions Mammography System. The new state-of-the-art equipment is a revolutionary screening and diagnostic breast imaging tool designed to improve the early detection of breast cancer.

The American Cancer Society estimates there will be 1,762,450 new cancer cases diagnosed and 606,880 cancer deaths in the United States this year.
“The growing number of patients faced with potential breast cancer in the region highlights an urgent need for us to provide this new technology for our patients,” said PMC Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Kansas Justice. “We will be able to offer patients quality care and advanced technology for breast cancer detection.”

A recent study by the Journal of American Medical Association found that more than 170,000 examinations using 3D mammography find significantly more invasive cancers. The researchers also found that 3D mammography reduces the number of women called back for unnecessary testing due to false alarms.

Justice says PMC’s addition of the three dimension mammography system keeps PMC on the cutting edge of technology.

The system is designed to detect 20-65 percent more invasive breast cancers. This addition will provide higher quality 3D images for the radiologist while providing a more comfortable mammogram experience for patients and enhanced workflow for technologists. The system’s sharper images and smarter technology can find invasive cancers regardless of age or breast density.

“The 3D mammography uses X-rays to produce images of breast tissue to detect lumps, tumors or other abnormalities,” said PMC’s Assistant Vice President of Imaging Services, Joni Fields. “3D captures multiple slices of the breast, all at different angles. The images are brought together to create crystal clear 3D reconstruction of the breast.

She says the exam takes multiple images in seconds and offers more visualization. This technology provides a more precise view allowing the radiologist to see more of the breast than ever before.

Fields said the advanced technology transforms a patient’s experience without compromising speed or accuracy of the mammography.

“The addition of this technology is a big step forward to all our patients,” said Fields. “It is wonderful to be able to provide the best equipment on the market to the region.”

For more information about the services offered at PMC, call 606-218-2210 or visit the Leonard Lawson Cancer Center pages here on this site.

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