Pikeville Medical Center provides a comprehensive heart and vascular program for the region. They provide a full range of services for patients so that advanced procedures can be performed locally eliminating long-distance travel.

PMC installed three new state-of-the-art cath labs that feature advanced technology and imaging systems enabling physicians to provide cutting-edge care. The equipment offers physicians better images of the heart and more sophisticated equipment.

The team of specialists perform a broader range of minimally invasive procedures from the most basic heart procedure to the most advanced procedure performed in a cath lab. The technology provides patients procedures that were once performed only in larger cities to be performed at PMC.

The new monitors allow physicians to view multiple images during their procedures with quicker and easier results.

The new lab equipment drastically reduces the radiation dosage that is necessary to take the images of the heart. This provides better protection to the patient and all who are in the room. The new cath lab is designed to function as a surgery area, if needed, to begin the next level of care. The labs also feature special lighting, monitors that display calming images of nature for the patient. Each lab has a stereo system that plays soothing music to help patients remain calm and relaxed before their procedure.

For more information about procedures performed at PMC’s Cath Lab click here or call (606) 218-3500.