The Lawson Cancer Center at Pikeville Medical Center has various multidisciplinary teams to evaluate and treat its patients. All Lawson Cancer Center staff—from nurses and patient navigators to specialty physicians—work together with each patient to develop an individualized treatment plan.

“At PMC, we have many subspecialists in oncology,” said PMC Hematologist/Oncologist Dr. Dinali. “Our medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiologist, pathologists and more meet weekly to discuss cases and to come up with a personalized plan for each patient. It is truly a team effort.”

In conjunction with this team approach, the Lawson Cancer Center utilizes some of the most advanced technologies and practices.

“Patients can have confidence in the PMC Lawson Cancer Center,” said Dinali. “From our diagnostic capabilities to advanced genetic testing, clinical trials and dedicated oncology pharmacy services—our purpose is saving lives.”

The PMC Lawson Cancer Center is among a relatively small percentage of cancer centers approved to offer some of the newest treatments to qualifying cancer patients in the form of clinical trials.

“The PMC Lawson Cancer Center offers some of the latest treatments to qualifying cancer patients in the form of clinical trials to fight various types of pancreatic, breast, bladder and non-small cell lung cancers,” said Dr. Croot, PMC Hematologist/Oncologist.

Clinical trials are research studies that involve people, and are the final step in the long process of developing a new drug. Patients whose cancer has not responded well to treatment and who meet certain qualifications are given the option to participate in a clinical trial, giving them access to new medications not yet available to the majority of patients.

“Cancer treatments are constantly changing, and we are always looking for new treatments that bring the best result to our patients and give them a chance when other treatments have failed them,” said Leonard Lawson Cancer Center Director Vickie Justus.

The future of cancer care isn’t tomorrow. Find the expertise and leading-edge technology to fight it today at Pikeville Medical Center’s Lawson Cancer Center.