In recent years, the emergence of multiple specialties and subspecialties in healthcare can be a source of confusion for patients when a medical need arises. Many patients struggle trying to make decisions about which provider to see for which concerns. However, much of that confusion can be eliminated by having a primary care provider commonly referred to as a “family doctor.”

Pikeville Medical Center has several physicians and nurse practitioners who make up an experienced team of primary care providers committed to treating patients. A primary care provider treats patients when they are sick, but also takes time to encourage preventive care and living a healthy lifestyle.

Patients who suffer from chronic health issues also benefit from regular visits to a family doctor who can monitor their health and notice small changes which may indicate a larger health concern. When serious medical issues arise, a primary care provider has knowledge of and access to many physicians and providers who offer specialized services. The primary care provider can often expedite care for serious conditions by knowing which specialist a patient needs to see, eliminating unnecessary visits.

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