Please check your temperature, if you do not have a thermometer report to 2nd floor Main Entrance or your designated area for screening. Do not complete FastPass.




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Alternate Email:
Fill in the alternate email above If you want your fastpass email sent to an address other than the one on file, or if you have been instructed above to list an email. Emails may be delayed or be blocked by your provider. We STRONGLY suggest using your phone to fill out this form and make a screenshot of your confirmation page!!!
Phone number where you can be immediately reached.
Fever greater than 100.4 Fahrenheit? Yes No
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing? Yes No
Cough? Yes No
Chills, Muscle Pain or Body Aches? Yes No
Sore Throat or Fatigue? Yes No
New loss of Taste or Smell? Yes No
Headache? Yes No
Congestion or Runny Nose? Yes No
Nausea, Vomiting, or Diarrhea? Yes No


You are considered a critical or essential worker. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that you may be permitted to continue to work following exposure to COVID-19, as long as you are asymptomatic. Please refer to the link below on CDC’s Interim guidance for Critical Workers who may have had exposure to COVID-19.


Continue to self-monitor throughout the day, if you become ill at work, report symptoms to your supervisor and House Manager immediately.


By proceeding, you affirm that you have made absolutely sure you answered the questions accurately!


Pikeville Medical Center