As advancements are made in cancer research, new types of cancer and additional treatment options are discovered.  These things all contribute to the complexity of modern cancer care.  In addition to the physicians dedicated to cancer care, cancer treatment, many times, involves general surgeons, plastic surgeons, radiologists and a host of other disciplines offered at PMC.

Because there is a wide range of healthcare providers who are involved with patient care, the Lawson Cancer Center (LCC) utilizes a team approach. A group of healthcare members from different departments within PMC provides specific services to the patient with the aim of ensuring quality care and support. At the LCC, each patient’s team is assembled based on his or her specific circumstances.

“Our group of specialized physicians at PMC are devoted to improving the outcome of patients in our region,” explained PMC Chief Medical Officer and Assistant CEO Aaron Crum, MD. “Assembling a specialized team ensures we are providing the best care available for our patients for any given diagnosis.”

Multidisciplinary teams aim at improving communication, coordination and decision making between health care professionals.  In addition to physicians dedicated to treating cancer, PMC also offers the region’s only specialized oncology pharmacy on the 11th floor of the PMC Clinic Building.  Pharmacists work with oncology physicians to formulate chemotherapy regimens appropriate for the needs of each individual patent.  These decisions are made based on a variety of factors including: type of cancer, stage of cancer, cardiac function, kidney function and blood cell counts.