In July of 1982, Dr. R.V. Mettu chose Pikeville to start his medical practice. At the time, Dr. Mettu was a pulmonologist and critical care physician. After several years of treating patients in Pikeville, he noticed a significant number of patients suffering from sleep disorders.

Dr. Mettu poured himself into the necessary training and obtained the certificates necessary to open the region’s first Sleep Center, which was established in 1994. In 1995, PMC’s sleep lab received accreditation by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the gold standard by which sleep medicine facilities are evaluated. Under Dr. Mettu’s leadership, PMC has maintained that accreditation for nearly 30 years. During that time, the center has doubled in size to meet the demands of patients needing sleep services and is one of only a few hospital-based sleep centers in the eastern half of Kentucky.

This year marks 40 years that Dr. R.V. Mettu has dedicated to Pikeville Medical Center and the patients of Eastern Kentucky. Wanting to spend more time with his family, he recently handed over the reins to the PMC Sleep Center to Dr. David Carter, who is already working with patients.