Located next to the PMC Drive-Thru Pharmacy Across from McDonalds

Open Monday-Friday from 6:30am-5:30pm

See how our new Drive-Thru Lab service works


When your provider recommends that you have your blood drawn, we now have the ability to do it from the comfort of your car – eliminating your need to come inside the hospital.


For qualified patients who need to have blood drawn for testing purposes, a drive-thru system has been implemented behind the outpatient diagnostic center in the riverfill, across from McDonalds.


Patients simply need to drive up to the registration area, then proceed to the next area where their blood will be drawn. In the event patients have also been prescribed medication, they can proceed to the PMC Outpatient Pharmacy drive-thru. The overall goal in this process is to allow patients to see a physician, get any needed lab tests administered and pick up prescription medications with no direct contact with anyone other than a phlebotomist outside the diagnostic center. This is just one more way PMC is working to continue providing quality care while keeping as many people as possible out of the hospital facility.


Can my doctor send my orders electronically or do I have to bring them?

Yes, as always! Nothing has changed with physicians being able to enter orders electronically. If you have them on paper, that works too!



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