Patients who are treated either as an inpatient or in the outpatient clinic setting at the Lawson Cancer Center at Pikeville Medical Center can rest assured knowing their complex chemotherapy medications are prepared in an exclusive on-site oncology pharmacy.

Having an oncology pharmacy within the facility dedicated solely to mixing and preparing chemotherapy for all cancer patients is not a common practice for many cancer centers. However, the administration at the Lawson Cancer Center feels strongly that patients are better served by specialized oncology pharmacists and staff who are 100% dedicated to taking care of cancer patients.

“Our oncology pharmacists are there during every step of the patient’s care plan,” explained Robin Walters, PMC Oncology Pharmacy Supervisor. “We work closely with the oncologists, nurses and the entire care team to maximize the care our patients receive and to minimize any delays when it comes to their medication.”

At the Lawson Cancer Center, oncology pharmacists play a vital role acting as a reference on medications, dosing parameters recommendations that may be affected by specific medical conditions and troubleshooting issues that may arise.

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