The Lawson Cancer Center (LCC) at Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) provides healing and comfort for individuals and families navigating the challenging journey of a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Patients at the LCC receive comprehensive care, personalized treatment and unwavering support from the entire oncology team, which embraces a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care. This group of oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, nurses and other support staff collaborate to design tailored treatment plans that consider each patient’s unique medical history, preferences and emotional needs.

Cutting-edge technology and advanced therapy techniques are integrated into these plans, ensuring patients have access to many of the latest breakthroughs in cancer treatment. The LCC is among a relatively small percentage of cancer centers approved to offer some of the newest treatments available to qualifying cancer patients in the form of clinical trials. Clinical trials are research studies involving people and are the final step in the long process of the development of a new drug. Patients whose cancer has not responded well to treatment and who meet specific qualifications are given the option to participate in a clinical trial, giving them access to new medications not yet available to most patients. The LCC also houses some of the most advanced equipment such as the Varian TruBeam Linear Accelerator with Brain Lab technology for patients receiving radiation therapy.

Recognizing that a cancer diagnosis can also affect a patient’s mental, emotional and social well-being, the LCC offers a range of support services. From counseling and support groups to art therapy and beauty sessions, patients can find solace in a nurturing environment that addresses their emotional needs.

In late September, the LCC will officially open its newest expansion, offering 30 private, state-of-the-art chemotherapy and infusion suites featuring soothing sounds and aesthetics. The opening of the new suites will allow the current clinic to be dedicated solely to physician office visits, reducing patient wait time. In addition, the new section of the LCC will be closer to the dedicated oncology pharmacy, making the transportation of chemotherapy drugs quicker and safer.

The Lawson Cancer Center at Pikeville Medical Center makes it convenient for patients across Eastern Kentucky to receive advanced cancer care close to home by combining cutting-edge medical care with the warmth of human connection. Visit