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Meds to Beds Program:

Pikeville Medical Center’s Meds-to-Beds program offers prescription medication delivery to a patient’s bedside before discharge from the hospital. Before leaving the hospital, trained technicians will prepare all required medications and deliver them to a patient’s room. This allows a patient to go straight home after being discharged from the hospital, eliminating a trip to the pharmacy.


Meds-To-Beds Benefits:

  • Have your personalized prescriptions delivered to your bedside before discharge, saving time.
  • Receive a personalized medication plan and prescription education from pharmacist or pharmacy tech.
  • This is a free service! Pay only your copay for the medication.
  • Go straight home after discharge to focus on your recovery without worrying about stopping at the pharmacy.

 Let your nurse know if you’d like to use Meds-to-Beds!

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