As restrictions connected to the COVID-19 pandemic are slowly being lifted, various medical providers are beginning to welcome more and more patients. That is especially true for the Orthopedic Center at Pikeville Medical Center (PMC). An Orthopedic Walk-In Clinic has been established in the 6th Floor Clinic for patients in need of care. Monday through Friday from 8am – 9am, PMC Orthopedic Surgeons Kevin Pugh, MD and Keith Hall, MD as well as PMC Sports Medicine physician Jamie Varney, MD will see patients without an appointment.

“Many patients have experienced injuries during the past couple of months, but have refrained from seeking medical attention due to the pandemic,” explained Dr. Kevin Pugh. “Some have visited the emergency department with sprains and even possible fractures, and have been advised to follow up with an orthopedic physician. Now that restrictions are being relaxed, we need to see those patients as soon as possible. With the expertise and technology we have at PMC, living with pain shouldn’t have to be an option.”

Patients with orthopedic needs are encouraged to visit the Orthopedic Walk-In Clinic at Pikeville Medical Center Monday through Friday from 8am – 9am.

For more information, call the Pikeville Medical Orthopedic Center at 606-430-2206.