Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) proudly announces the addition of endocrinologist, Rishi Raj, MD.

Dr. Raj provides specialty services for patients suffering from diabetes, gland disorders, osteoporosis, hypertension, and the diagnosis and treatment of hormone problems and complications.

Dr. Raj received his Bachelor of Surgery degree from Patna Medical College in India. He completed his medical degree at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA, a fellowship at UK in Lexington, and is board certified by the

American Board of Internal Medicine.

“My joy in learning and practicing endocrinology is the thrill of solving this hormonal puzzle, finding where it went wrong, and treating it with medications to correct and keep the disease under control,” said Dr. Raj.

He explains his biggest reward comes from seeing his patients happy and well.

Dr. Raj said, “My primary aim is to help patients struggling with diabetes attain a healthy lifestyle.”

He works closely with nurse practitioner, Mavis Lowe, and diabetes educator, Sandy Chaney to customize each patient’s treatment plan.  The team works to educate patients about their medication, develop healthy meal plans, and incorporate exercise in their daily lives. Their goal is to discover ways for patients to effectively treat and live with diabetes.

Several factors drew Dr. Raj to PMC.

“During my time at UK, I met several people from the Pikeville area. The relationships with these individuals played a huge role in my decision to practice medicine in Pikeville. The people in this region are wonderful and I know I will enjoy bringing them specialty care.”

He says after visiting PMC and interacting with doctors and staff, he could not think about any better place to work.

For more information or to make an appointment, contact us at 606-430-2208 or please visit Dr. Raj’s Profile Page.