Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) has added new advanced robotic technology to its orthopedic surgery department. The Nephew NAVIO™ Surgical System is currently the only handheld robotics system for knee surgery and features the most extensive implants for total and partial knee surgery. The new equipment can improve patient outcomes, allowing PMC’s Orthopedic Surgery team to operate with increased precision.

The addition of NAVIO helps improve surgical accuracy. The equipment helps balance the knee through the range of motion during surgery. The surgical system features applications that guide surgeons in creating plans that precisely help physicians prepare for patient implant. They use handheld instruments to perform the procedure.

“Patient satisfaction after total knee replacement is directly related to knee stability, said PMC Orthopedic Surgeon, Kevin Pugh, MD. “This advanced equipment allows us as surgeons to improve that stability, thus improving how our patients feel after surgery.”

Dr. Pugh also adds that better alignment may result in less wear which will make the implant last longer.

With this process, PMC surgeons are given more detail and greater accuracy, improving the quality of care provided to patients undergoing orthopedic knee surgery.

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Source:  Smith-Nephew