The Pikeville Medical Center Foundation (PMC Foundation) is pleased to announce that a $170,000 commitment from the Community Foundation of Louisville’s Nora Redman Fund has progressed with three key Pikeville Medical Center initiatives. This generous gift, which will be paid over three years, provided funds for the Appalachian Valley Autism (AVA) Center, PMC’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and the PMC Healthy at School Telehealth Initiative.

A portion of these funds has allowed PMC to complete the AVA Center’s 3rd Floor Renovation Project, providing much-needed space to combat the long waitlist for those ages 2-12 in need of life-changing Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy. The AVA Center provides therapy for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and our goal is to identify children at the earliest signs of detection. PMC’s multi-disciplinary teams offer families unrivaled expertise in understanding and meeting the needs of toddlers and children with autism and related challenges.

“We appreciate the Nora Redman Fund at the Community Foundation of Louisville for recognizing the need for the AVA Center. Our goal is to be the region’s leading expert on autism and developmental assessment and intervention, providing the highest quality, comprehensive clinical support for children and families navigating from diagnosis through treatment and growth,” said Donovan Blackburn, PMC President and CEO.

With another $10,000 of these funds, the PMC NICU has recently purchased a GE Panda iRES Warmer, helping to keep the tiniest babies’ bodies warm through temperature regulation. The innovative recessed heater in the Panda Warmer allows physicians and medical staff to interact with the neonates while still allowing their bodies to maintain heat.

An additional $10,000 will support PMC’s Healthy at School Telehealth Program, providing access to medical care in school for many students who otherwise would have little to no access.

“We should see several more announcements this year,” said Executive Director of PMC Foundation, Andrew H. Scott. “We want to see much more in philanthropy so that our region’s children have access to quality care close to home.”