PMC has protocols in place to minimize potential exposure to germs that could harm patients, visitors and staff. PMC provides hand sanitizer throughout its facilities to help minimize the spread of germs, staff and visitors are screened upon entry to the buildings, and everyone is asked to wear a mask while on all PMC properties. The environmental services staff focuses on thoroughly cleaning the hospital while the infection control department researches new and innovative ways to control the spread of germs. The latest safety measure comes as PMC has added ultraviolet (UV) disinfection technology taking safety to a new level.

PMC Director of Infection Control, Nina Reynolds said, “We have been reviewing the benefits of utilizing ultraviolet (UV) disinfection at our facility. It is amazing technology that gives us an extra edge on eliminating harmful pathogens and is becoming widely used in hospitals and laboratories.”

After rooms have been thoroughly cleaned these UV sterilization lamps are brought into certain areas for advanced decontamination. They are designed to enhance the potential for increased sterility.

“In the battle against COVID-19 these UV techniques can also extend the life of our personal protective equipment (PPE),” said Reynolds. “Our staff does an excellent job and we are excited to provide them with this advanced method to disinfect.”

Reynolds says they strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to patient safety and are consistently looking for proactive measure to keep everyone safe.

She reports that PMC has three large units on campus now and two more units have been ordered in addition to the purchase of six smaller units that will bring the hospital’s total to 11 units.