Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) is the only hospital in the region to offer patients the Visera 4K Ultra High-Definition System. PMC added this state-of-the-art technology to address unmet needs in medical imaging. The Visera 4K is recognized for improving visual elements such as resolution, light and color for laparoscopic and arthroscopic surgery.

The new surgery equipment optimizes 4K imaging to improve visibility for PMC’s surgical team. This machine allows PMC surgeons to operate with increased precision and confidence.

“This is one of the latest advancements for health care in eastern Kentucky. Investments in new technology place PMC on the forefront of surgery,” said Senior Vice President and Assistant Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer, Aaron Crum, MD. “PMC is the only hospital in the region with this capability. This advancement demonstrates PMC’s commitment to providing high quality care to our patients.”

The Visera 4K Ultra High Definition System is the same technology used for filming Netflix 4K shows and other TV programs. This same technology provides four times the resolution, better light and twice the color as high-definition, for surgeons as they operate.

The system presents more vivid shades of red and yellow. It enables observation of subtle patterns and structures with high precision while delivering higher contrast levels. The system gives surgeons more detail and greater accuracy.

“This will help us improve the quality of care we can provide our surgery patients,” said Assistant Vice President of Surgical Services, Andrea Akers. “Knowing PMC is providing patients the best surgical equipment in the region makes me feel confident that our patients and my own family will receive advanced care.”

“The color and contrast provide more clarity, better than we’ve seen before, during an operation,” says PMC General Surgeon, Grady Stephens. “The clear image allows an improved dissection of tissue and an enhanced evaluation of tissue perfusion.”

This technology provides additional light to illuminate bleeding in surgical fields and visualizes deep surgical cavities. This is beneficial as it allows surgeons to see the surgical field more clearly and visualize detail in ways they were not able to before.

“This technology is the best on the market. I am proud to work at a facility that takes pride in providing the best possible equipment for the patients,” said Dr. Stephens. “This improves the care I can provide patients.”

He says being able to offer this advanced system to surgery patients is a tremendous feeling.

At this time, Visera 4K Ultra High Definition System has been implemented for general surgery, orthopedic surgery, bariatric surgery and gynecological surgery.

For more information about the Visera 4K Ultra High Definition System, call 606-218-2203.