Whether because of a sudden injury, unexpected illness or as a preventive measure, most people find themselves needing diagnostic imaging at some point in their lives. Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) opened the PMC Diagnostic Center to offer a convenient location for patients to obtain various types of x-rays or scans without the need to visit the main campus. Since opening, the PMC Diagnostic Center has gone through several periods of renovation to accommodate new equipment and technology as well as increase patient convenience. The most recent phase of renovation was completed in December 2023.

The front lobby was expanded to increase seating capacity for patients who are waiting for testing. However, the most notable differences lie in the new services and technology offered in the facility. PMC recently purchased a new bone density scanner, which is used for screening purposes, to monitor a patient following the administration of certain medications or to measure the success of various treatment techniques.

Women who visit the PMC Diagnostic Center for mammograms in 2024 will find a newly remodeled Breast Care Area that offers the latest technology in 3D Mammography. Each of the three mammography machines offers state-of-the-art AI technology that can rapidly and accurately analyze each 3D image. The new software can identify potential cancerous tumors with pinpoint accuracy, alerting physicians almost instantly that additional measures may be necessary.

“We are so fortunate to have an administration at PMC that understands the need to upgrade technology and equipment to better care for our patients,” explained PMC Diagnostic Center Manager Neil Hunt. “Technology is ever-changing in healthcare, particularly in the field of diagnostic imaging. We are proud of the new equipment that has been installed, but we are also excited because there are more additions on the horizon.”

Earlier in 2023, Pikeville Medical Center made headlines when the PMC Diagnostic Center team performed the region’s first PET scan designed specifically to detect prostate cancer. The prostate PET scan is used as a tool to both diagnose and help guide treatments for prostate cancer. It is particularly beneficial to urologists treating patients who are at high risk or suspected of having prostate cancer.

“Being able to provide this advanced testing gives patients of Eastern Kentucky access to technology that is not offered at any other facility in the region,” explained PMC Vice President of Diagnostic Services Joni Fields. “This technology gives our physicians the ability to know if cancer has spread beyond the prostate at the time of diagnosis, which is monumental when it comes to cancer care at PMC.”

The PMC Diagnostic Center also recently announced the addition of a new EKG machine, which offers an added convenience to patients whose healthcare provider has ordered both an EKG and lab work. Patients can have their blood drawn and the EKG in one convenient stop across the road from the PMC main campus.

In 2024, PMC will install an additional CT scanner and MRI machine, once again shining a light on Pikeville Medical Center’s commitment to providing advanced diagnostic imaging capabilities to the patients of Eastern Kentucky.