Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) is the first hospital in Eastern Kentucky to acquire the latest system available in stereotactic surgical techniques. The ATEC Stereotactic Biopsy from Hologic incorporates imaging, local anesthesia, and tissue extraction, all in one system. This technology assists surgeons in providing specialized care for early detection of breast cancer.

Stereotactic breast biopsy is a nonsurgical method of extracting a test sample of a breast abnormality and is performed by specially trained technologists on an outpatient basis. A stereotactic breast biopsy is an option when a mammogram shows breast abnormalities, no matter how small.

“PMC has created a special suite for the stereotactic biopsy procedure, allowing our surgeons to perform image-guided breast biopsies,” explained PMC Surgical Oncologist Nicholas Schaub. “I use the results from this procedure to help diagnose and treat breast cancers.”

The entire procedure, from start to finish, can be performed in less than one hour. It is also much less invasive than surgical biopsy and leaves the patient with very minimal scarring, compared to a traditional lumpectomy. Tissue samples are sent to the pathology division of the newly expanded PMC laboratory for processing.

Stereotactic breast biopsy is now offered every Friday in a dedicated surgical suite, so patients have the comfort and privacy needed for this type of diagnostic procedure. Early detection is the key to breast cancer survival. Please discuss screening options with your physician.

For more information about surgical services offered at PMC, please call 606-218-3500.