Throughout a person’s life, it is almost certain that unexpected injuries and illnesses will occur. When an injury is serious enough to disrupt a person’s ability to participate in normal activities such as walking or being self-sufficient, outpatient therapy may be necessary.

Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) has a wide range of outpatient therapy options, all geared toward improving or restoring a patient’s ability to function. Whether the condition needing therapy is temporary or chronic, PMC has multiple teams of skilled therapists equipped to treat adults and pediatric patients.

When a person’s mobility has been affected, his or her physician may feel physical therapy is needed. Physical therapists at PMC work one-on-one with patients to strengthen muscles in a part of the body that has been injured or weakened due to illness. Physical therapy can often result in reduced pain and greater mobility in the area receiving treatment, which contributes to a better quality of life.

Occupational therapy is another type of outpatient therapy offered at Pikeville Medical Center. The team of occupational therapists also provides one-on-one therapy to patients who need extra help to regain independence after an illness or injury. Occupational therapy includes working with the patient to ensure he or she can perform everyday activities such as getting dressed, eating or bathing.

Patients who have suffered a serious hand injury due to ATV crashes, heavy equipment accidents, vehicle crashes or other types of crushing injuries to the hand now have access to specialized hand therapy at PMC. Thanks to the addition of this type of outpatient therapy, patients no longer have to travel outside of Eastern Kentucky.

Often, adults and children experiencing difficulties speaking can benefit from speech therapy. In adults, communicating via speech can be affected by a variety of issues such as a stroke, vocal nodules, strain on the voice box (larynx) or neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. Children with speech disorders or who have trouble with the flow of their speech can often benefit significantly from working with a speech therapist.

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