Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) has received numerous quality awards including being ranked in the top 100 hospitals nationwide and the number one hospital in the state for Patient Safety in Overall Medical Care.

The awards and rankings were presented by CareChex, an information service of Quantros, Inc. CareChex provides clinical, financial, and patient satisfaction findings to consumers, providers and purchasers of U.S. medical care.

According to CareChex, in addition to the Patient Safety Award Summary ranking that listed PMC as number one in the Commonwealth and the top 10 percent in the nation for Overall Medical Care, PMC was also ranked in the top 10 percent in the nation for Patient Safety in Major Cardiac Surgery, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Heart Attack Treatment, Heart Failure Treatment, Neurological Care and Women’s Health.

“I am so excited that PMC’s staff has been recognized for their efforts toward patient safety,” said PMC Assistant Vice President, Risk Management and Patient Safety, Pam Vanhoose. The staff have proven they take patient safety seriously as is evident by their 2019 quality award rankings from CareChex. Patient safety is a team effort and we congratulate every employee of PMC on a job very well done.”

The Medical Excellence Award Summary showed outstanding rankings for the PMC Orthopedic Department for Joint Replacement and Major Orthopedic Surgery when they were listed as number one in KY and the top 10 percent in the nation.

“Each day we strive to provide quality care for our patients,” said Senior Vice President and Assistant Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer, Aaron Crum, MD. “It is an honor to see PMC ranked with the best of the best in medical excellence. Seeing our Orthopedic Department in the number one position in the state and top 10 percent in the region and nation speaks volumes. This proves, once again, that our patients and community have a hospital where they feel safe and receive quality care. PMC is a hospital they can be very proud of.”

Hospital officials stated that the recognition from CareChex is an excellent way to show how they compare to other hospitals across the nation.

CareChex provides clinical, financial and patient satisfaction findings to consumers, providers and purchasers of U.S. medical care. Unlike other publicly available hospital quality ratings, CareChex provides a composite evaluation of all components of medical quality including process of care, outcomes of care and patient satisfaction.

CareChex is an innovative medical quality rating system designed to assist hospitals and health systems in improving the quality of inpatient care and promoting medical excellence to consumers, payers and employers.

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