Unlike traditional retail pharmacies, specialty pharmacies cater to patients with complex and often rare medical conditions. The PMC Specialty Pharmacy  is equipped to provide specialized medications tailored to the unique needs of these patients. Specialty pharmacies primarily handle high-cost, specialty medications often used to treat complex and chronic conditions such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, rare genetic diseases and more. Due to their complexity, these medications may require special handling, administration or monitoring.

The PMC Specialty Pharmacy offers a wide spectrum of patient support, including medication counseling and management, ongoing monitoring and financial services. These services ensure patients achieve the best possible outcomes while managing their side effects and potential complications. In addition, pharmacy staff facilitate communication between patients, healthcare providers and insurance companies, assist with prior authorizations and ensure patients receive refills on time.

In addition to the specialty pharmacy and outpatient pharmacy, PMC’s inpatient pharmacy cares for all hospitalized patients by offering a “Meds-to-Beds” program, filling and delivering prescription medication to the patient’s hospital room upon discharge. This eliminates the need to stop at the outpatient pharmacy on their way home.