Richard Salisbury, OD, of Martin, Ky is a real success story for the wound care treatment he received at Pikeville Medical Center (PMC).

Dr. Salisbury came to PMC to seek an additional opinion for his diabetic foot ulcer after receiving treatment at a medical facility in Lexington, Ky.

“I was experiencing no healing in my sore. I developed discoloration and redness all over my foot,” said Dr. Salisbury. “I was searching for answers to improve my condition.”

Diabetic foot ulcers occur in approximately 15 percent of patients with diabetes.

“I sought a second opinion after the physician in Lexington suggested that amputating a portion of my foot was the only solution for healing my wound,” said Dr. Salisbury. “After researching information about PMC’s Wound Center I decided to make an appointment.”

“PMC had an impeccable reputation for wound care,” added Dr. Salisbury. “They came highly recommended from everyone I talked to. I was hopeful that my diagnosis could improve with their medical care.”

“We offer patients a comprehensive approach to heal wounds that have resisted other treatments,” said PMC Wound Center Manager, Tonya Goble. “We take pride in providing quality treatment to help patients avoid loss of limbs and reduce the incidence of recurrence.”

She says patients who have a wound that has not begun to heal after two weeks or has not healed entirely within six weeks, may benefit from PMC’s advanced modalities. The wound center offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy, MIST® Ultrasound Therapy, cellular tissue-based products and bio-engineered skin grafting, total contact casting and other off-loading means, compression wrapping and advanced wound dressings.

“Dr. Salisbury’s wound had been open for about a month when he began treatment at our wound center,” added Goble. “The tip of the left toe had inadequate blood supply. He was at risk for amputation if we could not initiate some quick healing.”

Dr. Salisbury met with PMC Podiatrist Mariano Rivera, DPM, FACFAS, and he began treatment on his ulcer by the use of advanced wound dressings, sharp debridement and negative pressure wound therapy to promote healing.

“Dr. Salisbury’s foot responded to treatment,” said Dr. Rivera. “We started to see significant improvement after only a few weeks.”

He says PMC’s Orthopedic Department, Infectious Disease Department and the Wound Center worked together quickly to get his infection resolved and were able to save Dr. Salisbury’s foot.

“I am so thankful for the wound center at PMC,” said Dr. Salisbury. “Their extensive treatment allowed me to heal without losing a limb.”

He says he received highly compassionate care during his treatment. He said the wound center treated him like family and he appreciated that tremendously.

“I felt like the staff was just as eager to save my foot as I was,” added Dr. Salisbury. “They cared as if it was their foot facing amputation.”

Dr. Salisbury says PMC is a top-notch facility.

“I would advise anyone to come to PMC,” said Dr. Salisbury. I could not have gotten better care anywhere else. Without the PMC Wound Center, I would not have made this much progress.”

For more information about PMC’s Wound Center or to make an appointment, call 606-218-4721 or visit the Wound Center page.