Pikeville Medical Center’s department of Neurological Surgery continues to save and improve the lives of many in Eastern Kentucky. Our neurosurgeon, Dr. Norman Mayer uses the most innovative techniques and technology to treat his patients; truly setting PMC apart from other medical institutions in the area.

Patients from all over the U.S. have received care at Pikeville Medical Center for neurosurgery and compare our compassionate staff and cutting-edge technology to the best in the nation!

PMC invests in world-class caliber surgeons and the most advanced neuroscience equipment in response to the region’s high incidence of cranial, spinal and cervical injuries.

PMC Clinic Building, 8th Floor
911 Bypass Road, Building A
Pikeville, KY 41501

Pikeville Medical Center was the first and only hospital in the region, and is among only a select few hospital’s in the nation to offer the Brainlab system. With the use of this guided cranial navigation system Dr. Mayer helps patients recover from tumors and other brain related injuries more efficiently.

“The Brainlab is something that allows us to remove tumors that otherwise we would not be able to remove through normal surgical procedures,” Dr. Mayer said. “It enables us to treat patients and make this type of surgery for them as comfortable as possible.”

The Brainlab system also allows the neurosurgeon to make an accurate and noninvasive assessment of a patient’s brain injury and the procedure, before an operation takes place. Once in surgery, the neurosurgeon takes comfort in knowing that he/she is now able, due to Brainlab technology, to perform a less invasive procedure. Before Brainlab more aggressive surgical procedures were used, which at times could cause new neurological problems in patients such as: weakness on the opposite side of the body or difficulty speaking.

With Brainlab, surgeons can see the tumor in 3D. They can look at vital structures around the tumor and find that small, safe corridor through the door. This system allows us to plan our path, our journey into the brain and sneak the tumor out.

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