Pikeville Medical Center is proud to offer an extensive line of services strictly for our pediatric patients.
Not only does the hospital have an inpatient pediatric department dedicated to pediatric patients, PMC’s pediatricians are conveniently located at PMC’s new Urgent Care & Family Wellness Center on Cassady Blvd. in Pikeville between Walmart and McDonalds’s.

PMC Urgent Care & Family Wellness Center
238 Cassady Blvd,
Between Walmart & McDonald’s
Pikeville, KY  41501

Upon Arrival

Lab Work

  • If your doctor has ordered blood to be drawn, it will usually be done within two hours
  • A urine sample may be collected
  • A respiratory swab may be done to check for viruses
  • All procedures performed by a nurse will be done in the patient’s room

Radiology Exams
X-ray, CT scan or other radiology exams may be ordered. If so, a parent or guardian must accompany the patient.

Vital Signs
Vital signs are checked upon admission. Rectal temperatures may be necessary for children under age 2.


During Your Stay

Patients will be assessed by a nurse every morning around 8am and throughout the day.

Communication Boards
A white board is located in all patient rooms. Contact information for nurses and other staff is written here.

Hourly Rounds
A nurse or nurse aide will be in your room at least once every hour.

The amount of all fluids the patient receives will be recorded, along with the amount of urine made.


  • Insertion will be performed in a treatment room or patient room
  • Fluids are maintained throughout the hospital stay
  • Pumps and IV sites are assessed every two hours

* If alarm sounds, please call the nurse.

Breakfast (7am – 10:30am), lunch (11am – 3:30pm) and dinner (4pm – 6:30pm) can be ordered by placing a call to Room Service (ext. 2222). The PMC Restaurant, located on the 11th Floor of May Tower, is open 24/7 (ext. 7588).

Daily medication is administered around 10am and throughout the day as ordered by physician.

Pain level of the child will be assessed throughout the hospital stay. Staff will do everything possible to keep pain controlled.

Physicians usually make daily rounds each morning by 10am.

Vital Signs
Vital signs will be taken every four hours or as physician specifies.


PMC Facts

Age-appropriate toys are available at the nurse’s station, but you may bring your own.

Your Room
All rooms are equipped with a television, call light and telephone. To call outside the hospital, dial 9 then the number.

Parent/guardian will be educated on the child’s medical condition and medications.

Visiting hours are 9am – 9pm. Overnight visitors must go to the front desk to receive a visitor’s pass.

SHHH program (Sleep Helps Healing Happen)
Quiet time begins at 9pm so patients can receive adequate rest. Lights are dimmed in hallways, doors are closed if desired and overhead pages are turned off at this time.


Discharge Day

  • Discharge teaching will be provided and questions answered.
  • Follow-up appointments are made.
  • IV will be removed.
  • Prescriptions will be given to the parent/guardian. PMC will call them in for you, if needed.

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    • FEBRUARY 21, 2020
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    New Pediatric Wing for Emergency Care Planned for Construction

    New Pediatric Wing for Emergency Care Planned for Construction

    Pikeville Medical Center’s (PMC) Emergency Department (ED) recently announced its certification for pediatric readiness. The prestigious accreditation is just one step toward the future of pediatric care at PMC. The hospital’s ED has always treated pediatric patients. However, a new unique addition is being planned for construction to continue providing 24-hour care to pediatric patients

    • FEBRUARY 21, 2020
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    Emergency Department Focusing on Children

    Emergency Department Focusing on Children

    Pikeville Medical Center’s (PMC) Emergency Department (ED) is seeing an increasing number of pediatric patients. This growing group prompted PMC to begin the certification process in November 2019 to become “Pediatric Ready” by the Kentucky Emergency Medical Services for Children (KYEMSC) Program. Being recognized as “Pediatric Ready” demonstrates PMC’s commitment to enhancing emergency care services

    • FEBRUARY 21, 2020
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    New Equipment Warms Infants While Being Treated

    New Equipment Warms Infants While Being Treated

    Kosair Charities recently awarded a $21,000 grant to Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) Emergency Department (ED). This grant allowed PMC to purchase a GE Panda Warmer, an examination table made specifically to accommodate sick babies. The Panda warmer keeps babies warm while ED staff work to diagnose and treat them. However, the warming bed does much

    • SEPTEMBER 16, 2019
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    PMC Is Awarded Grant for Construction of Children’s Hospital

    PMC Is Awarded Grant for Construction of Children’s Hospital

    PMC was, once again, a presenting sponsor at this year’s annual Shaping Our Appalachian Region (SOAR) Summit held at the Appalachian Wireless Arena Sept. 5 and 6. Twenty grants were announced by Governor Matt Bevin and Congressman Hal Rogers, totaling $34.4 million. These investments are intended to bolster job growth and economic development in the