Primary Stroke Center


Dr. Naveed Ahmed

Pikeville Medical Center’s Primary Stroke Center is among the top stroke treatment centers in KY. Our goal is to deliver the most effective care with cutting edge technology. Our Stroke Center aligns with the mission of PMC to provide world-class¬†health care in a Christian environment.

Dr. Naveed Ahmed, a Board-Certified Neurologist and Stroke Specialist, is Medical Director of PMC’s Primary Stroke Center. The hospital’s neurology staff also includes Neurosurgeons Dr. Duane Densler and Dr. Norman Mayer. In addition, Physiatrists (physical medicine specialist) Dr. Milton Calima and Dr. Sankar Chirumamilla¬† help stroke patients recover through physical rehabilitation.

To provide patients with quality care, PMC works with Emergency Medical Service providers from across the region to ensure acute stroke care starts from the moment of patient contact.

PMC’s Emergency Department is highly trained for immediate identification of early stroke symptoms and equipped to provide intervention. The hospital has assembled a Stroke Team which has been trained to respond to stroke emergencies and provide expert neurological care.

What is a Stroke?
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Act F.A.S.T.
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Risk Factors
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Effects of a Stroke
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Stroke Diagnosis
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More resources
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