Of the 206 bones in the human body, 52 are in the feet. This means 25% of the bones in a person’s body are in his or her feet. Having healthy feet and ankles allows people to get where they need to go, but when someone experiences an injury to a foot or ankle, the ability to get from point A to point B can be stripped away. When these moments arise, a visit to a podiatrist may be necessary.

Podiatry is a specialized branch of medicine focused on diagnosing, treating and preventing disorders and conditions related to the foot, ankle and lower extremities. Podiatrists are crucial in helping people maintain healthy and functional feet, enabling them to lead active and pain-free lives.

Podiatrists at Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) treat a wide range of conditions, including injuries, deformities, infections and issues resulting from chronic diseases such as diabetes. These specialized physicians conduct physical examinations, gather medical histories and utilize imaging technology to assess and diagnose these conditions accurately. They develop individualized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s needs, which may involve prescribing medication, recommending physical therapy, using orthotic devices or performing surgical procedures.

PMC Podiatrists see patients at the Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Institute of Eastern Kentucky on the sixth floor of the PMC Clinic Building and in PMC’s Wound Center. The Wound Center provides specialized treatment for chronic or non-healing wounds that have resisted other treatments, which many times are found in the feet.

By providing expert care and guidance, podiatrists help individuals of all ages and backgrounds maintain the health and functionality of their feet, enabling them to lead active and fulfilling lives. Whether it’s treating a sports injury, managing a chronic foot condition or providing preventive care, podiatrists at Pikeville Medical Center help their patients’ feet carry them successfully through life.