As the change of the season approaches, along comes beautiful fall colors, and cooler temperatures.  Allergy sufferers also anticipate a long list of symptoms, effecting their ears, nose, and throat.

Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) recognizes the problems that can develop during peak allergy seasons. While allergies may be seasonal for some patients, others have triggers that bring on reactions throughout the year.

PMC has made the ninth floor of the PMC Clinic Building home to a team of highly skilled physicians to provide advanced care to help identify and treat allergies, tonsils, adenoids, ear infections, and sinus disease. They also provide thyroid surgery, head and neck cancer surgery, environmental allergy testing, and more.

This specialty is called otolaryngology or ENT (ears, nose, throat). The physicians practicing at PMC are William Hoskins, DO, William Brian Helton, MD, and Mark Veronneau, DO. They are all board-certified and bring years of experience to their patients. They treat both adults and children, providing relief patients so desperately need to function better at work, home, and school. ENT is one more specialty that is readily available to patients of the region, keeping them close to home.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 606-430-2209, or please visit our Otolaryngology page.