Many professions throughout Eastern Kentucky, particularly coal mining, require individuals to perform tedious and often dangerous tasks with their hands. Many men and women make a living for themselves and their families by using their hands, so it is crucial to have treatment options close to home if they experience serious hand injuries.

Workplace accidents and hand injuries can occur despite safety conditions and precautions that may be in place. Due to the increasing frequency of these types of injuries, Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) has made advanced hand and reconstructive surgery available close to home.

Anil Duggal, MD, FRCSC, FACS, is a hand and plastic surgeon at PMC and recognizes the importance of offering advanced hand care in this region. Before joining the PMC medical team in 2020, Dr. Duggal was a physician at the University of Kentucky and treated many patients from this region.

“Many of the patients I saw in Lexington were from Eastern Kentucky. I quickly realized that many people in this region make their living using their hands, and for many of them, it is difficult to make repeated lengthy trips for specialized hand care,” explained Dr. Duggal. “This inspired me to accept the position at PMC to better serve the patients of this region.”

As a hand surgeon, Dr. Duggal sees patients with a range of issues including arthritis and nerve compression. In addition to hand surgery, he also specializes in treating traumatic injuries and reconstruction of the upper extremity. To learn more about specialized hand services and procedures offered at PMC, please call (606) 430-3500.